Part III and Finale: Call Me the Emily Post of Travel

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21 January, 2022

These are the last ten out of thirty guidelines for travel etiquette. Etiquette promotes kindness and consideration, giving us the confidence to deal with different situations in life. It is how we are able to navigate being with others, especially ones who come from different backgrounds and cultures. It is a life skill. At the end, enjoy a wonderful, new announcement.

  1. Don’t let your young children go running around the ship unattended. A large ship is like a city, and it still presents hazards for unaccompanied minors.  Other cruisers might get annoyed if you let your children run around unsupervised near the pool, movie theatre or other play areas. Keep your kids in line for their own safety and for the cruising pleasure of all aboard.
  2. If you are a smoker, check in advance where the designated smoking areas are on your ship – and stick to them.  Nothing creates more fear than a fire on board.  Don’t be the cause of a fire due to smoking in unauthorized areas, like your balcony.
  3. No touching others in the bathroom in any form.  No hugs, no handshakes, nothing.
  4. Always face towards the front doors of an elevator.
  5. Hopefully you will feel at home on your cruise but that’s no reason to act like you are at home, with the curtains shut and no-one but the cat to see you.  Wandering between cabins in dressing gowns, going for lunch topless (men) or in bikinis (women), or wearing extremely revealing swimwear should be avoided. Consider your fellow cruiser.
  6. Always be on ship time.  Your cruise ship must stick to its schedule, so if you are late for embarkation, the ship may leave without you.
  7. In a buffet, keep your hands to yourself.  Do not touch the food.  Do not touch anyone with your tongs.
  8. They are at the beach. They are on your cruise ship too. Chair Hogs! They are evil! Some people get up early and put a towel on a recliner in a prime spot of the deck, either by the pool or by the bar. Then they go off and enjoy breakfast, or the spa, or other activities, all while hogging up the chair so no one else can sit there.  Please do NOT do this.  This makes me angry so much that if I notice you are nowhere near by and have left your belongings on a lounger for longer than 20 minutes, I may move them to another spot or bring it to the attention of the crew and have the crew handle it.
  9. Don’t be that guy.  The ship may seem large, but we all can’t escape.  Conduct yourself accordingly.  Have real conversations.  Be someone I would want to be engaged with.
  10. In general, you are not alone on this ship.  Be mindful of others.  Be kind. Be generous.

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