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You are on vacation. Shouldn’t you be having fun? Then why on the first day of your cruise are you running around registering your child in the youth programs, making specialty dining reservations, booking a spa appointment, seeing if there is space at the Broadway-like show? Why does this cruise seem more like a maze than an adventure? Why am I feeling like at any moment this ship is going to overwhelm me? Even experienced cruisers might experience challenges that test their patience.

That’s where I come in. Think of me as Moiraine Sedai, Tyrion Lannister, Gandalf, Mr. Miyagi, and Yoda all rolled into one. I’m your guide so the cruise experience is maximized fun and minimized problems. While we are maxing out on fun, let’s save time, cost, and energy.

Traveling fuels my soul. I fantasize about destinations all the time. For me, I want to immerse myself into another culture. I want to “say yes”. I want to connect with the culture as it is today. That moment is frequently found in the seemingly mundane. I let my curiosity be my guide.

Then I go about making those travel dreams come true. It could be the same for you! Let’s enhance your travel dreams as we cruise around the world. I can make the cruise experience be the vacation experience of a lifetime. Wouldn’t it be incredible to actively explore a location but have the security of a luxury resort to return to? How often have you gone on a cruise have you thought to yourself, “I didn’t know that”? Or “I wish I knew that would happen”. Or “how do I do x, y, or z”? Or “how can I make this more special?” Together we can solve the biggest mistake that people make – not finding the right fit of a cruise line for them. All cruise lines are not the same. Just as you want the right dog as a pet for yourself, you want to find the right cruise line for your travel dreams. Let me be the answer. I can help you have a successful vacation in three steps.

  1. I can analyze your dreams and goals. Fear is the flip side of not getting out.
  2. Give you a customized proposal to navigate the cruise or vacation destination system. Let me walk you through the process.
  3. I will function as your safety net. I will be there as you go through your vacation. Finally, provide advice and guidance to make your travel dreams a reality.

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Client Testimonial

“The best part of the journey was being with friends, the absolute beauty of the voyage through the Panama, and enjoying our ‘couple time’ while being pampered and waited on!

 Douglas was on top of everything all of the time.  He shared information after we booked, months before, and was in touch up until departure!  He was always available to chat or answer questions!
 We will continue to use Douglas Famy for all of our excursions in the future!  
He comes HIGHLY recommended!
5 star *****”

– Sue D
You too could be having as much fun as my clients, Thea and Sue, as they create custom garments for their Glow Party aboard Norwegian JOY. Photo credit: D. Adcock

Reach for the Adventure! – now a Disney Cruise Line Specialist! As a College of Disney Knowledge graduate, I can help with all Disney products, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Aulani Resort in Hawaii. I can also help with Universal park vacations for land lovers.

About Me

I am a trusted travel advisor specializing in action and adventure travel and the LGBTQIA+ community in ocean and river cruising.  As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community myself, I know first-hand the unique challenges our community faces. 

I custom tailor the cruise adventure to my clients to get the right fit.  Cruises are not cookie cutter experiences.  In order to achieve your own personal cruise, I will explore your style of vacationing by listening to your desires and needs providing the best travel experience.

I am the Adventurous Explorer Cruise enthusiast. I am interested in other cultures and want to learn and engage. The Adventurous Explorer Cruiser wants to learn new things and likes the idea of something that differentiates them from their friends. I value experiences more than material things and make travel a priority. The Adventurous Explorer Cruiser seeks authenticity. I believe that travel can transform one’s perspective on the world. Entertain, enrich, enliven, and enlighten your life in an authentic and meaningful way through travel.  This is what I bring to my life, and I am here to guide you so your life can be transformed too.  Let’s make those travel dreams into amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

I am your travel advisor extraordinaire! At Reach for the Magic Destinations I am a Universal Parks and Resorts specialist and College of Disney knowledge graduate. I specialize in cruises. I service Virgin Voyages, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, MSC Cruises, Princess, Holland America Line, Seabourn®, Cunard® Line, Disney Cruise Line and AmaWaterways river cruising. I also can help with Disney and Universal park land vacations, including Adventures by Disney. I’m obsessed with travel. Let my passion and obsession make your vacation the best ever. When not traveling you can find me listening and performing music and running.

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Referral Program

This is my way of thanking you for helping my business grow.  Here is how it works.  When a client has mentioned that you sent them, you are eligible for a gift or gifts.  For travelers who book one inside, ocean view or balcony stateroom, you receive your choice of a gift.  For travelers who book one suite you receive your choice of two gifts.  For travelers who book more than one stateroom or for a group of travelers who book staterooms, you receive four gifts. The gifts will be distributed once the travelers are underway on their journey.

These are the gifts available:

Destination Douglas t-shirt

Destination Douglas mug

Dunkin Donuts gift card

Starbucks gift card

Destination Douglas beanie

A Philadelphia themed hat from National Constitution Center

Reasons for NOT working with me

1. I can’t afford his services.  So many people assume the use of my services is too expensive.  The vacation alone is hard enough.  Why do they want to have the added expensive of my services?  The truth is my services are complimentary.  I do not charge a service fee.  I get paid directly from the supplier, the cruise lines. You get the expertise, knowledge, passion, information, guidance, and advocacy all complimentary.

2. Wouldn’t booking myself would be easier?  There are a lot of hidden pitfalls waiting ‘round the corner to trip you up.  Travel happens. Often the options aren’t known.  If you got into a legal issue, you could represent yourself. But should you? Let me be your liaison with the system. You might have arranged something for your trip if you only had an idea that was possible.  You didn’t even realize there were choices to be made.  I will take care of everything and guide you step by step.  I am convinced during the onset of the pandemic when cruising was closed down and your cruise was cancelled, you wished you had a travel advisor to handle it all.  Do you really want to battle it out with the cruise line while you’ve been waiting on the phone line for hours?

3. I didn’t realize what the process would be like.  As a travel advisor, I am interested in you.  It’s a process of discovery.  I will uncover what will make your adventure amazing.  My goal is to make myself jealous that I am not packed along in that piece of luggage of yours.

4. Isn’t it more convenient to do the work myself when I know what I want?  Did you know that it takes 10-20 hours to plan your vacation?  Between the reading and the researching of hotels, cruise lines, cruise ships, destinations, it can very likely be a lot of stress.  It’s a lot of work!  Do all of that on top of your nine to five job and your children, your classes, your homework, your social life. I might be able to steer you towards a vacation that would better suit your needs than you even knew about. Save yourself time and stress. As travel advisors, we have up to date training on destinations, home ports, and cruises.  It is the start of busy season.  I’ve been on webinars for half of the workday this week. We research, so you don’t have to. The bonus for us is making the most out of your vacation budget.

5. What is the value? Many times, people think that you can find a better deal online. Not true! Often, where you find a fantastic deal online, it’s too good to be true. You need to read the fine print, to look at the exclusions and limitations. Your insane deal may end up costing you more than you thought. Be it a honeymoon, a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a group trip, vacations are something that people remember forever, and I want to make sure that everything is perfect.

6. I’m an adult.  I can handle it.  Why would you want to handle a stressful situation when you don’t have to? That’s where I’m different. I am here to help at a moment’s notice and I have the whole team at Reach for the Magic Destinations to back me up.

7. What does he have that I don’t?  I’ve got relationships with folks in the industry.  I deal with cruise line representatives.  Maybe, they can sort something out for you that you wouldn’t be able to on your own.

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We actually could have fun. Out traveling the world.

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