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28 January, 2022

This is not a complete exhaustive list of how to travel while in the air, but maybe you’ll pick up an idea or three here.  Air travel is stressful and these tips should alleviate that situation for you.

Most airports do have charging centers, but they also have televisions, and most televisions nowadays have USB ports that you can use to charge up your cell phone battery.

Get to the airport early.  You never know what you might encounter.  Of course, nothing will beat the long lines through security that I had to deal with a couple of months after 9-11, but queues at the airport are not uncommon.  No one wants to miss their flight.

Airport parking is becoming overwhelmingly confusing, cost prohibitive, and limiting. Do yourself a favor and hire a Lyft or a towncar service because your buddy really doesn’t want to drop you off at the airport.  He really doesn’t.  Airports are always out of the way.

When flying, the atmosphere can become warmer or colder depending on where you are, the altitude, and how many of your fellow passengers have turned on – or off the air. So, to stay comfy, it’s best to dress for the trip and wear layers. 

Here’s something you can try to avoid that seat – head over to Expertflyer.com and create a seat alert. If somebody on your flight changes or cancels their flight, they’ll notify you, and you can switch your seat for theirs.

Original flight got cancelled?  Instead of waiting for hours on end only to very likely be disappointed by the fact that the next few flights are already fully booked – just call customer service instead. They’ll book the flight for you, and you won’t need to wait in that awful queue all day long.

The ice is brought on board and is ordered from a caterer. But the food carts where the ice is stored might be unsanitary, be careful ordering ice on flights.

If you’d like to protect yourself from germs as much as possible during your flight, then it’s best to keep the a/c above you on full blast – even if it does get a little bit chilly. The air actually helps to keep germs away. 

Another germ awareness tip, always remember to pack some disinfectant wipes, like a Clorox wipe, to clean your seat, and surfaces you’re going to be touching during your flight to make sure you’re always protected.

Instead of indulging in a glass of Coke, try drinking water or juice for the duration of your flight and save the fizzy drinks for when your feet are on the ground. That way, you’ll have less discomfort and embarrassment if your body needs to deal with some added gas.  Don’t bring liquids with you, the airport won’t let you.  Just bring an empty water bottle.  More and more there are water filling stations at the airport.  OR you could ask someone on the flight crew to fill up your water bottle for you.  I recommend an insulated one that can keep your hot beverages hot and your cold drinks cold.

If you are traveling as a pair, book the aisle and window seat. If your flight happens to be under-booked, it is improbable that someone will pick a seat between two people that they don’t know – so your chances of having some extra space are at least a little bit greater.

If you’re prone to ill feelings from turbulence, remember to pick your seat with this in mind. Choose a seat above the wing of the plane and avoid the back as that’s where you’ll feel it the most.

Doing in-seat stretches and making sure that you are getting up and walking around the plane when you have a chance will help your blood flow a little more and help you avoid the swelling.  Additionally, get yourself some compression socks to wear on flight days.

Set an alarm on your phone for a little before your boarding time.  No matter where you are in the terminal it will alert you and you can head over to board your plane.  No missing your flight!

I recommend packing some noise-canceling headphones and silicone earplugs – even the reusable ones – to block out the noise and try to enjoy your time in the air as much as possible.

Want to maintain social distancing at the airport?  You don’t necessarily have to wait for your flight at your gate.  Scope out the other nearby gates.  Is there a gate with hardly any people in it?  You could always wait there.  Pay attention to the announcements for your gate so you don’t miss out on queuing up for getting onto your plane.

All you need to do is pop a few dryer sheets into your bag. The sheets will absorb those unwanted smells and help keep your clothes smelling a lot cleaner and fresher.

Before you leave home, open up Google Maps on your phone and download offline maps for your destination. You’ll have easy and internet-free access to maps, and you’ll be able to find your way around far more easily.

If you’re a germaphobe or someone likely to catch an infection, it’s best to avoid using the blankets you receive at the start of your flight. Aside from when they come in a sealed bag, it’s highly likely that they aren’t perfectly clean.  If you want, you could always pack a small microfiber towel in your personal bag to act as a blanket.

The longer your flight, the more entertainment you’ll need to prepare to keep yourself busy. Download movies, bring a book or two, and if you enjoy journaling, that’s also a great way to pass the time and not go stir-crazy.

The solution? Portable fragrance bottles. They are smaller, easier to carry around, and far less likely to break. Most pharmacies should sell them at a reasonable price. So next time you are packing, don’t forget to transfer some of your favorite scent to a portable fragrance bottle.

People tend to turn towards their dominant hand – and because the majority of people are right-handed, the queue on the right will likely be longer. Save yourself some time and turn left – you might just skip most of that line.

Here’s one for razors.  Do yourself – and your fingers – huge favor and get yourself some binder clips. They’re a great substitute for the plastic cover, and it’s a less expensive solution than buying a new razor every time you lose the cover.

We suggest scanning your passport, ID, and any other important documentation and emailing it to yourself or saving it on your device – that way, if you do become the unlucky victim of theft or loss, you at least have an easier way of trying to get a replacement.  You’ll still need a passport, but it will make getting its replacement easier.

Did you know that due to there being less moisture way up in the air, your body tends to dehydrate faster than it would on the ground? That’s why it’s super important to keep hydrated, especially on a long, international flight. It is recommended to drink at least one cup of water every hour of your flight.

So, instead of spending a lot of extra cash on some water or tea, just pack an empty travel mug or flask and some teabags. Then all you need to do is ask one of the employees in a cafe or a member of the flight crew for some hot water, and you’ll have a much more affordable beverage.

Packing some of your favorite snacks from home means you’ll save money because everything is far more expensive at the airport.

A power bank is a portable charger that you can use to charge your phone, tablet, and other devices.  I never leave my hometown without one.

instead of having to check for an update on your flight constantly, just download the Flightboard App into your smart device and keep an eye on all of the arrivals/departures without having to leave your seat every few minutes.  It’s also very possible that your airline carrier’s app will have this same information.

If search engines or airline’s websites see you’ve searched for a particular flight before, they might just hike the prices up simply because they know you want to book your trip. So, to make sure you aren’t paying more than you should – search your flights in an incognito window that doesn’t track your cookies.

All you need to do is line the inside of your bag with cut up garbage bags, that way, you’ll avoid the misfortune of your things getting wet – and all you’ll need to do is let your suitcase dry out in the sun when the sun comes back out to play.

Just like you would at the airport, check if the TV in your hotel has a USB port – most of them do. You can use the TV to charge your device until you’re able to get to a store to replace your charging port.

Should you choose to check luggage, mark your luggage as fragile – not only will this ensure that your property is taken care of, it will also mean that your luggage will be placed on the top of the pile – meaning you’ll also be one of the first to get your things from the carousel.

Morning flights tend to have less turbulence as the heat of the day has not yet risen – the heat, which causes storms and wind, ultimately causes turbulence on planes. So, if you want to avoid turbulence, your best bet is to book an early morning flight. Also, the first flight of the day tends not to experience late departures, as the day progresses things can get backed up.

Be nice.  Be nice to your flight crew.  Honey always works better than vinegar.

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Hopefully, you have found all of this helpful.  Have a great trip and if you want to go to Universal Parks and Resorts or experience having your room, food, and entertainment all with one fare, contact me to chat about cruises.

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