Part II: Call Me the Emily Post of Travel

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14 January, 2022

The second 10 guidelines of travel etiquette. Next week are the last etiquette guidelines.

  1. Please do NOT be a hands-off parent.  Do not let your child run wild throughout the ship.  I’m not blaming the children.  Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t get you off the hook for being in charge of your family.  Don’t shift the burden of parenthood onto others.
  2. Do not flip your long hair behind you over your chair on the airplane.
  3. Be on time picking up your children when the Youth Club is closing. The youth counselors may well have other duties they need to get to after their shift is done. Babysitting during the evenings very likely will entail extra fees.
  4. Respect others’ privacy.  Do not lean over.  Do not read their reading materials or watch their device.
  5. Every ship conducts a muster drill.  Take care of it as soon as you are on board, then you have the rest of the cruise to enjoy your time.  Every cruise holds a training session on the first day which shows you where to find the lifeboats and how to conduct yourself in case of an emergency.
  6.  Be mindful of how thin the walls of your hotel or stateroom are.  Keep your voices to a low level so as not to disturb your neighbors.  Remember, there are people inside these rooms you have decided to have a conversation outside of.  Use a hallway voice and don’t stop outside of a stateroom to have a conversation.  Be mindful of your voice volume level in the hotel hallways and stateroom decks.
  7. When you are in a theater be mindful of your fellow guests and don’t conduct loud conversations, use your electronic devices, act like being still out on the pool deck.
  8. Babies and toddlers who aren’t potty trained cannot usually go in the ship’s swimming pools, for obvious reasons. And if they do and they cause a mess your fellow passengers will never forgive you.  If a line accepts young passengers, chances are they can use a splash area on board.
  9. Do not scroll through photos on another’s phone.  Just view the picture you were invited to see.  Scrolling may result in some surprising photos and prove to be embarrassing to the two of you.
  10. Don’t stop and take pictures clogging up a line or walkway.  If there are other people around, take one picture only and move on.

Check back next week for the last 10 guidelines of travel etiquette

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