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7 January, 2022

30 Guidelines of Travel Etiquette

That’s right. We’re right back into another multipart series. Today will start Part I with the first 10 tips for travel etiquette. You probably could skip reading these guidelines of etiquette if you just remember to be kind and courteous and think of your fellow travelers besides yourself. But just in case, you might want to review these guidelines. If you manage to slog through all of that, there is a big announcement at the end.

Guidelines of Traveling Etiquette

1.  If you are on a plane, and you have a 2-year-old child in front of you, you answer their toy phone.  You play along and play back with the child.  A happy entertained child on a plane is more enjoyable than a crying 2-year-old throwing a tantrum.

2. Tipping is an American custom.  American cruise lines expect you to tip your crew.  All of the cruises I deal with add an automatic daily tip added to your onboard bill or have the tip included into your total fare (like Celebrity and Virgin Voyages). The funds are pooled and then divided amongst cabin stewards, dining crew, and housekeeping staff.  Should you have a beverage package, the tip is included into the price of the package.  While on the ship, you only should tip for service that is above and beyond what is expected.  However, this is not needed.  It is a way of showing your appreciation.  Waiters are not the only people who may help to make your cruise pleasurable. There are masseuses, entertainers, babysitters, tour guides, and crew members such as the laundry staff.

3. Treat the crew with respect.  Always make requests with a nicely formed question.  Good cruise ship etiquette means taking a deep breath, remembering you’re on a beautiful ship in the middle of a gorgeous ocean, and relaxing. It means remembering that your problem is likely minor in comparison to the people back home who had to go to work today.  Refrain from chewing a crew member out.  Calmly and politely explain your concerns.

4. Drink responsibly.  Do not be the town drunk.  I know many of you have a drink package and want to make the most of it.  But really, monitor your consumption for the love of your health and your fellow passengers.

5. Wash your hands.  Be respectful of the health of others, if not just yourself.

6. We all share the hallway.  Cruise ships try to make the most of the space that they have, consequently these hallways are narrow. Please do not hog up the entire hallway and be oblivious to others around you.  Please walk in a single file.  Taking up the entire passageway is rude to your fellow passengers.  Your moseying behavior and chatting away with your companions may drive your fellow passenger crazy. 

7. Be nice to the photographers.  A polite no thank you will do just fine, if needed.  I’m a narcissist so this is never an issue for me.

8. In the post-pandemic world handshakes are OUT.  Tap the elbow instead.  Should your hand transmit germs/viruses, you won’t be touching your infected hands to your face.

9. When you are on a plane, if the cabin lights are all on, then move your seat into an upright position.

10. Even if you have a suite with a balcony on a non-American cruise line, it’s recommended that you err on the side of caution and leave your nude sunbathing habits at home. You are sharing a relatively small space with a large number of people with disparate customs and standards. Try to be respectful of others, even when their customs are different from your own. 

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