Remember this acronym – CFAR

17 December, 2021 I’m standing on a hill and sticking to it.  You MUST buy travel insurance.  Just as a good guidebook is a $20 investment for a fantastic journey, the same can be said for travel insurance.  Travel happens.  Things go wrong.  Protect yourself over unforeseen losses incurred while travelling, either domestically or internationally.Continue reading “Remember this acronym – CFAR”

What’s Next, a Vial of my Blood?

9 December 2021 There is one thing that all of the cruise lines agree upon.  It is the fact that it is their guests’ safety and health that is their number one priority.  In fact, they have proved in the past that they are willing to share information in order to achieve the goal ofContinue reading “What’s Next, a Vial of my Blood?”