My Most Disastrous Moment of my MSC Voyage

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Tales of the High Seas: Voyage on the MSC Seashore

In my last installment, I forgot to mention that I popped into the Le Cabaret Rouge space and participated in the very last progressive trivia round.  I was seated on the upper level looking down onto the stage where the host was conducting the event.  My vantage point was a great one with a great view of all of the participants on both levels.  I was right up against the railing sitting on a comfy stool.  It was hosted by a member of the entertainment staff who had been hosting progressive trivia all week long.  The trivia was a good mix of questions that I found easy and others that were very challenging.  I enjoyed myself immensely.  So much so I was disappointed that I was only participating now at this late point.  Once it was over and I said my good-byes I prepared myself for my dinner.

My Tribeca Main Dining Room tablemates and myself

November 20, 2022

I’m going to save you the suspense.  Disembarkation onboard MSC Seashore was an utter disaster.  I took all of my luggage to the Central Park main dining room where I took oodles of time having my breakfast.  My plan was to participate in self-assist disembarkation.  Once again my dining choices were based on what I felt the kitchen could accomplish quickly and easily.  Once I was finished, I went out to the deck to prepare for getting off the ship.  I still had to wait for the ship to be cleared by the authorities in order to carry my luggage off the ship.  Crew told me that the area in which I started to wait was reserved for people who needed greater accessibility.  Fine, I went down a deck below, found a chair and waited.  An announcement was made on the public address system announcing that we were still waiting for clearance.  I waited in my little area for a good amount of time waiting to get the all clear, and I noticed people getting in line on the deck above me.  I decided to go check it out.  The line to get off the ship was insane.  It went on forever.  I never heard any announcement.  I joined what I thought was the appropriate line to get off the ship.  No crew was around to assist or inform.  It was just insanity.  I was in that line for over an hour.  At one point I left my spot to scout out if I even was in the right line.  Turns out I was.  This line just snaked around forever and ever.  I never did hear any announcement that we got cleared to get off the ship or what group numbers they were letting off.  Eventually, I made it to a security gate, and they scanned my sail card, scanned my face, and I walked through to the terminal without dealing with anyone.

Any time MSC had to direct a large number of people anywhere, they were the absolute worst.  I had to make sure I was alert and on my game.  If I wasn’t, lord knows what would have happened to me. I feel like these words just do not adequately describe the utter frustration I felt during the whole disembarkation process.  Thankfully, I scheduled my flight in the late afternoon.  I was really in no rush.  But who wants to wait in a line for an hour and a half?  Reports to me was the situation got worse as the day progressed.  Those who got off the ship after me were faced with even longer lines, longer waits, horrible traffic and it was just utterly miserable trying to get where they wanted to go.

In the terminal no one was there to help direct me.  There was very little signage.  I just moved based on my gut instinct.  I was ready with my passport, but no one required to see it.  They just scanned my face and off the ship I went.  Upon leaving the ship, I was greeted by a steady rainfall.  It wasn’t a torrential downpour, but it was steady and hampered traffic.  I sought some shelter and ordered a Lyft to take me to the airport.  I got lucky, pretty soon I spotted my vehicle delivering the next set of guests and I hopped in directly after them. 

I was picked up in the rain at 9:27 am at Terminal C at the Miami cruise terminal.  I traveled 8.5 miles in 21 minutes to the airport for $27.72.  Traffic was a bit of a nightmare once approaching the airport due to the rain.  I just told my driver to let me out once I was within walking distance of a doorway to the terminal at the American Airlines Departure Concourse.  He was a good guy, and I left a $5 tip on my app. I wish I had taken pictures this day to illustrate my points, but I was so frazzled by the experience, I plum forgot.

To sum up my experience, MSC Seashore was a delight once the journey was under way.  But the headaches involved with mobilizing large groups of people caused undue stress and anxiety.  Pack plenty of patience with you if you intend to take a cruise with them.  Would I take another MSC cruise?  I would, but there are more preferable options out there for me, so it is doubtful that it would be anytime soon.  Norwegian Prima, on the other hand, I am ready to board again or her sister ship Norwegian Viva.  I’m most interested in the third ship in the class because it will be interesting to see what they are capable of doing in the time they have had to tweak things to fix any problem areas that people have reported.

In the interim between this trip and now, my income has taken a nosedive.  My motivating factor is the severe lack of money.  Things are now improving, so I decided since it is inexpensive and easy to take a cruise out of New York City for me, I would make that choice.  I live roughly 90 miles from New York City.  Therefore, I do not need to purchase a flight.  I could also get away without booking a hotel and just take a quick jaunt the morning of my cruise. 

An opportunity came my way which was affordable. I am looking forward to taking advantage of Princess cruises Ocean Medallion technology and their Princess Plus program.  This next trip will be a round trip cruise out of New York City visiting ports in New England and Canada the month of October.  To be honest, if I had all the money in the world, I would have chosen a different time to take advantage of witnessing the changing leaf colors.  By mid-October I expect that that event will be all over by then. But beggars can’t be choosers.  Right now, I qualify as a beggar.  Princess Cruises Princess Plus cruise fare creates a more “all-inclusive” approach to sailing with a drinks package, wifi plan, and gratuities included in the price.  They will also throw in unlimited juices, fitness classes and premium desserts at no extra cost.  Princess Plus is roughly just a little bit more money than buying a beverage package when you make the comparison.  To my mind it is well worth the cost if you enjoy alcoholic beverages. I am now OceanReady! They have my personal information and documents and I finalized my Medallion wearable choices. My next report will be from Emerald Princess!

I just did a bit of messaging between me and Lucia and Glynn. They have a jam packed 2023 this year for travel. In May they will venture onto MSC once again. In June, they will explore Holland America Line and July they have plans with Norwegian Cruise Line. They have more after that. I am especially envious of their Japan land-based plans for October.

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