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Tales of the High Seas: Voyage on the MSC Seashore

November 19, 2022

Today is my last full day on the MSC Seashore.  It is a sea day.

I went up to the Marketplace for breakfast at 6:20 am.  I found the spoons!  Hidden away from me.  How do you have cereal without a spoon?  Yesterday, I used a fork.  Today I had Special K and bran flakes topped with a plain yogurt.  I put yogurt on my cereal for the first time when I stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Added to the cereal I enjoyed a croissant with orange marmalade on the side and a chocolate muffin.  All were comfort food to me.  Not many people were up at 6:35 am.  It was calm and quiet which I appreciated.  I knew I was having comfort food and going for that sugar high.  The donuts were calling my name.  I’m on vacation so I indulged.

I am hungry!
The healthiest of breakfasts

The dark glass in front of me turned into a carpet of ongoing ocean before me.  Just dark blue as far as the eye can see.  The sun is peeking out and has risen.

Glynn and I had plans.  We were going to hit the water slides today!  It was Lucia’s job to watch our things including my brand, new phone while Glynn and I romped around like the children at heart, we are.  Glynn was not a happy camper because the Seashore staff allowed us to go all the way to the top of the stairs to reach the entryway of our first slide only to be informed by a different staff member we needed to go back down and get a water slide bracelet and sign our lives away with a waiver.  When we got to the bottom of the stairs, Glynn gave the two members of staff a piece of his mind.  We signed our waivers, got our bracelets and then experienced the water slides.

As Glynn and I enjoyed our time on the water slides, Lucia also indulged her inner child and frolicked in the children’s water play area.  There were hardly any children around.  The Pirates Cove Aquapark features an impressive range of fun exciting activities for the whole family including adventure trails, a galleon for kids and much more. The Kraken’s tentacles wrap around the adventure trail on its way to the Long Island Pool.

Our first slide made me feel like I was being flushed down the very long pipes of a toilet.  The difference being that it wound around and around.  It was quite fun.  Glynn and I also enjoyed a raft water slide that we each took individually.  We tried to enjoy all of the water slides available and had great fun. 

It was a sea day and apparently, I had quite a bit of fun on this day because I took very few notes.  I do recall that at lunch I spotted the self-serve ice cream station in the buffet was being manned by a crew member.  It was mostly not being manned.  On this occasion I grabbed myself a cone since it wasn’t always available and had a good time enjoying this desert to my buffet lunch.

The day ended with a dinner at the specialty restaurant, “Hola! Tacos & Cantina” on the aft of deck 8. I had made my reservation on day one and it was a good thing too because the restaurant does not hold very many people.  I saw a number of people getting turned away because they did not have reservations.  TIP:  make sure you make all of your specialty dining reservations in those first hours on board MSC Seashore.  My table for two (there was only one of me) got filled with all sorts of goodness with plates of delicious food.  Did I miss out on the Queso Fundido?  Of course not!  I sadly was off my game with the note taking so I can’t recall over two months later what exactly I had.  But I can tell you it was delicious, and I enjoyed my leisurely meal. If you have the opportunity to experience this restaurant, I encourage you to enjoy it.  All of MSC’s specialty restaurants were great experiences and it was worth paying for my specialty dining package ahead of my sailing. My sugar tooth was in seventh heaven with the dulce de leche.  To put it simply, it is a concoction made mostly with milk and sugar and it was absolutely out of this world.  Service during dinner was very slow at this restaurant.  I was appreciative of the interaction I had with the serving team, but they were in the weeds when it came to servicing their tables.  I had nothing better to do, it was just fine with me.  Although, that meant I couldn’t say goodbye to Maria.  It would have been nice saying farewell once more to Kathleen and Ida.

Tomorrow I was leaving the ship in the morning so I really didn’t do much after dinner because I wanted to be alert and fresh to deal with all of what that would entail.  I went back to my room and finished packing.

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