What Kind of Traveler Are You?

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4 February, 2022

Who are you? 

Over the millennia, people have been put into different groups because they share similar characteristics. Some are based on research and study while others don’t share the same rigor. Granted, I give you a framework of types of travelers which is based on anecdotal information. However, knowing this information can help you decide on what cruise line or tour company would be the best fit for you. It could also give insight into what kind of excursion to choose. It might make the difference between an outstanding versus a dud of a trip.

Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to discern information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. Information can be gleaned based on where and when you were born.  Astrology has been dated to at least the 2nd millennium BCE, and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications. Western astrology, one of the oldest astrological systems still in use, can trace its roots to 19th–17th century BCE Mesopotamia, from where it spread to Ancient Greece, Rome, the Arab world and eventually Central and Western Europe. Contemporary Western astrology is often associated with systems of horoscopes that purport to explain aspects of a person’s personality and predict significant events in their lives based on the positions of celestial objects.  I am an Aquarius with an Aquarius rising.  At least, that’s what I was told when a former roommate did my astrological chart.

There are different types of people.  It’s the reason why those Myers-Briggs Personality profiles are so popular. There are 16 personality types according to Catherine Cook Briggs and her mother, Isabel Myers.  They looked at where do people get their energy from.  Do you gain energy from being around others or from being alone? On the other hand, do you construct your world based on outer or inner information? This is labeled Extroversion (‘E’) or Introversion (‘I’). How do you perceive information? Do you collect information based on your five senses? Conversely, do you observe patterns and trust your gut? This is labeled Sensing (‘S’) or Intuition (‘N’).  How do you make decisions? When making decisions, do you look at logic and human values? Or, do you go by your own emotions about things? Scientists label this as Thinking (‘T’) or Feeling (‘F’).  How do you view the world? In daily life, do you enjoy a more structured existence? On the other hand, are you more of a “go with the flow” type? Researchers label this as Judging (‘J’) or Perceiving (‘P’).  Are you an ENTP or a INTJ?

Some folks subscribe to the theory that we are all one of nine enneagram types.  The enneagram is a system of personality which describes people in terms of nine types, each with their own motivations, fears, and internal dynamics.

The Enneagram is an emotionally focused system of understanding people — honing in on one’s core emotional motivations and fears. Each of the nine personality types has its own driving force, which is centered around a particular emotion.

Some Enneagram types experience strong emotions, while other types aim to avoid emotions in one form or another. However, whether running from emotions or diving into them, each type describes some aspect of emotional experience.

Similarly, I believe that there are different types of travelers.  Which one are you? 


Are you the Relaxer?  The Relaxer in their daily life is a busy bee.  Some might call them a workaholic.  When it comes time to take time off, they want to make as little decisions as possible, because making decisions is how they earn a living, and they need a break.  Constantly on the go while on vacation is not their cup of tea.  Lounging on a stone thermal bed in the spa would fit this traveler as all the aches and tension of their ordinary life slip away.  They love to participate in a yoga class. Or maybe a HIIT workout would drive out all their demons.  A dive into an aroma therapy room could be just what the doctor ordered to de-stress.  A perfect excursion is lying on a beach chaise lounge chair enjoying a frosty cocktail.

The Social Voyager is open-minded.  They like to learn new things through meaningful experiences.  While they want a trip to relax, they also want to be active at times also.  The Social Voyager prefers a casual low-key vacation. For cruisers, they are going to make the most out of onboard amenities.

The Discerning Recharger expects a high level of service with great value.  They have a bucket list, and their vacation is often used to check items off.  The goal is having a unique travel experience but is ready to rest.

The Learning Family is looking for enrichment.  Each vacation they would like to go to someplace different.  They hope to enjoy activities together as a family.  One of their biggest desires is to learn about the world.  The Learning Family attempts to embrace the unfamiliar and new.

Which one do I fit into?  None of them I’d say.  I am the Adventurous Explorer.  Interested in other cultures and want to learn and engage.  The Adventurous Explorer wants to learn new things and likes the idea of something that differentiates them from their friends.  I value experiences more than material things and make travel a priority.  The Adventurous Explorer seeks authenticity.  I believe that travel can transform one’s perspective on the world.  See how another culture tackles the same issue but in a different way than one is accustomed to.  Entertain, enrich, enliven, and enlighten your life in an authentic and meaningful way through travel.

Knowing the type of traveler we are, can help us choose which cruise or tour is the best fit for us. It can also help narrow down our choices when it comes to choosing excursions. It can make the difference between a dud of a trip to one that is cherished in our memories.

What kind of traveler are you?

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