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Tales of the High Seas: Voyage of the Norwegian Prima

November 10, 2022

Room service delivered a bento box for 1 with pastries and fruit salad.  The pastries were a different assortment than last time.  I quite liked my muffin stuffed with possibly blueberry jam.  It became time to enjoy the sunshine of the morning.  I made sure I covered myself in sunblock. 

Observation Lounge

I grabbed a beach towel that my room attendant left for me and once I got to the promenade deck picked up two more.  I noticed that everyone else was using multiple towels.  Not the greatest for laundry and the environment, but at least I got one only.  I did it only the one time.

Great artwork outside of the Local and Los Lobos
Close up of the artwork

I scored one of my favorite hanging chairs.  Clipped a towel onto the chair.  I used one towel to lie on and another to prop up my head and the third to roll and cover my eyes.  This was my lazy day at sea.  Originally, we were planned to visit the Norwegian private island, Great Stirrup Cay.  But hurricane Nicole did not make that possible.  Instead, my last full day was a sea day.  This trip made it very clear that you just pick a part of the world to visit because the exact itinerary is never guaranteed.  I feel blessed that I got to explore the ABC islands.  I relaxed and hoped being off my feet would help with my swollen feet.  I had been taking ibuprofen and trying to elevate my feet as much as possible.  While I was lying down, Captain Kevin Bellido made an announcement regarding the weather.  He confirmed that we were anticipating a fair day for our disembarkation in Miami.  This was a huge relief.  A few days ago, we were speculating that we would be re-routed to another port to ensure our safety.  I lost sleep because of it.  But the captain was now so positive in his comments that I got to breathe a huge sigh of relief. The captain’s announcements were always brief and to the point.  I appreciated them on my voyage.

Officially, door decorations are not permitted on NCL. However, that didn’t stop this guest.
Love watching the wake

After several hours lounging on my hanging chair, I thought I would grab my sunglasses from my room.  Then as I was gathering my things, I spotted John from Dallas enjoying a mimosa.  So I grabbed a seat at his table and we had a great conversation.  We talked about weather, politics, drag queens, fitness and our regular lives.  John made me realize that my water intake wasn’t what it normally is.  To help my swollen feet I planned to drink litres of water.  11:30 made its appearance and I made my exit because I never like to overstay my welcome.

My room had been attended to while I was away.  I put my water plan into action and went to the studio lounge to fill my water bottle with ice water.  I propped my feet up with two pillows, drank a whole bunch of water, took an ibuprofen and watched “No Time To Die” on the tv.  A nice, brainless James Bond romp was just what the doctor ordered.  While watching the movie I received a phone call from Dee Gee.  She had an issue with her daily service charges, and I did my best to help my Canadian buddy. 

Dee Gee soon called back and asked if I wanted to watch the Price is Right Live! Show.  They were having a 1-2 pm show.  Neither of us were chosen to play, but it was great fun to watch.  They were given the license for the show, and it looked just like the beloved tv show.  I have memories was watching it because I was home sick from school.  Once the show reached its conclusion, Dee Gee tapped me on the shoulder, and we skedaddled out of there pretty darn quick to beat the crowd out of the Prima Theater. 

If I’m in the solo lounge, odds are I’m grabbing an espresso
How can you resist a mudslide?

Many of the venues were closed for lunch after 2 pm, so we went to the Local for a much-needed munch fest.  The Local would not be closing.  I got a plate of loaded nachos followed by fish and chips.  Dessert was a hot fudge sundae.  I am such a sucker for one of those.  Claudine was busy packing otherwise she would have joined us. 

Once lunch was over, I went into “operation save my foot”.  More water, more elevation and finish the movie.  I must admit I might have taken a 20-minute nap during the movie.  It’s over 2 and ½ hours for the movie, so, not a complete tragedy. 

The day was sadly slipping away.  Before I knew it, it was time for dinner, and it was nearly 5:30 pm.  I was craving pizza, so I grabbed some slices of cheese pizza at the Surfside Café at the buffet.  My sweet tooth was fed at the self-serve soft ice cream machine.  But profiteroles were calling my name.  Can you blame a guy?

My evening entertainment was spent in the Prima Theater with Claudine.  We saw a show that was an amalgamation of all of the entertainment acts aboard the ship.  They are a fun crew and it was fun to see them all perform together.  It was a mish mash of music and totally enjoyable.

Cruise items of the day are towel clips.  A cruise ship is often quite windy, and you are going to want to keep your beach towel attached to your lounger.  That’s where these clips come in handy.  I got a couple from Amazon that were in the shape of Macaw Parrots.  I also got a bunch from the dollar store in solid blue and white.  I am so glad I did because you need more than just two clips to hold down a towel when it gets breezy.

NEXT:  We love you but get the heck out of dodge!

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