Tropical Storm Lisa’s Wrath

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November 2, 2022, An Unexpected Sea Day, Lisa’s wrath

Before the day was through the captain had made an announcement informing us that tropical storm Lisa was barreling through the sea, possibly becoming a hurricane, heading towards Honduras and Belize.  Because of the storm we would not be visiting Cozumel as planned and tomorrow would be a sea day, instead.  Cozumel is the 2nd busiest port in the world.  So many cruises visit there.  I have been there in the past and I am sure I will be there again in the future.  I really didn’t mind the additional sea day.  I was just happy that the captain was taking measures to keep me and my fellow passengers safe.  My room steward had also left me a message informing me of the changes brought by Tropical Storm Lisa.

I enjoyed my breakfast once again in Hudson’s, the main dining room.  Fun fact:  Norwegian Prima’s godmother is Katy Perry.  That is her professional name.  This dining room is named after her.  Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.  I indulged in a stack of buttermilk pancakes along with a fruit plate.  I’m on vacation.  I’m taking the steps; I’m allowed to get a bit decadent.

Today was my opportunity to enjoy the slides of the ship.  I first ran into the Tidal Wave water slide.  A young girl was ahead of me and told me she had just completed three successive rides on the slide.  I followed her lead and continued with ride, after ride, after ride.  It wasn’t too adventurous, but it did interject a bit of action into the mix.  Don’t do what I did and start with the water slide.  I tried to follow it up with the dry slides.  But you MUST be completely dry and even after toweling myself off I was too wet to be allowed on the two dry slides.  The water slide was a good, fun romp.

Norwegian Prima water slide, Tidal Wave

In order not to turn into Orca, I made a concerted effort not to use the elevators.  I would take the stairs, in most cases, two at a time.  I needed to work off all those calories I was consuming.  But on this day, I did make an exception because I needed to go somewhere quickly and took the elevator.  It is quite the far-off galaxy set up once you are inside.  You can see yourself reflected in a mirror with a slew of pinpoint tiny lights.

This was a totally random sea day.  I just did things that occurred to me in the moment.  Like venturing over to the Seaside Café for a buffet lunch.  The Seaside Café was well supplied, orderly, and laid out.  There were oodles of staff available to clean up after you or help you out.  The issue was the people.  There was a healthy supply of passengers seeking lunch when I visited.  People can annoy me.  I know what I want.  Why do I have to wait behind you because you can not make a decision?  Do you have to stand in front of the food all day blocking me from getting my food while you try to make a decision?  Couldn’t you stand back a bit as you ponder?

I needed to make a bit of a change regarding my specialty dining reservations.  The ship had designated Hasuki as the place where a staff member was available to help you out.  I spent all of one minute fixing that situation.  I probably took more time taking pictures of the space than I did conducting business. I really enjoyed the interior design of the place. They have learned their lesson and have incorporated a number of tables, I’m going to guess around 10 with stools all around.  Norwegian Cruise Line when they first rolled out the Teppanyaki dining concept, they probably had all of two tables.

Hasuki Specialty Restaurant
Hasuki Specialty Restaurant

Late in the afternoon, I was passing through the main pool area and snagged a lounger. Later on, I noted that the hot tub was empty.  Guess who had a leisurely time with all of the jets blasting away? 

Tonight, was an opportunity to dress up, if you should choose.  Since this was freestyle cruising, you get to cruise however you see fit.  I was surprised how nice people got dressed up on this Norwegian cruise.  I was one of the few people who did not get dressed up.  My motive was traveling light and if I could avoid packing a blazer and such, I was going to take it.  I took the opportunity to have my dinner at the buffet which my inclination is to avoid.  But since people were probably using tonight to experience a specialty dining experience, or go to one of the main dining rooms, I was pleasantly surprised by a sparsely attended Surfside Café.

NEXT:  Parading around the ship with Halloween headgear and just how many bars/lounges did I visit?

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