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Tales of the High Seas: Norwegian Prima and MSC Seashore Part 3

A Video Tour of my Studio room aboard NCL Prima

In the port of Galveston, you are charged with sales tax on beverages that you purchase, even on a cruise ship docked nearby.  Once out of US waters and into international waters, there is no sales tax.  The trick, for me, was to limit my intake of beverages while still within Galveston’s jurisdiction.  I did it.  I was steadfast.  I didn’t get too crazy.  I had myself a nice little cocktail during the Sailaway but if left to my own devices, it might have been another story.  I have led a life without alcohol since March 2020.  I’m a social drinker and when lockdown hit, I just didn’t find the appeal to imbibe.  At the end of the Sailaway there were a few of us at a table who continued to chit chat.  Most of the others had vacated the aft area of deck 8.  It became apparent that I should prepare for my dinner.

My dinner was in one of the two main dining rooms aboard Norwegian Prima, the Commodore Room which has a slightly smaller feel than her sister dining room, Hudson’s.  I thoroughly enjoyed my solo dinner.  I was able to show up when I desired and they sat me at a table immediately.  The Commodore Room has portholes throughout.  I was able to look out onto the ocean the whole evening.

NCL has changed how the menu is presented in these main dining rooms.  In the past, they had let’s say 14 different menus that they would shuffle through on your sailing.  Now, they are gradually rolling out a new concept starting with Prima.  Since there are so many other dining options, they maintain the same menu every day of your sailing.  The menu has expanded with more selections, but it is the same menu daily.  I,personally, did not notice.  I was out eating, taking advantage of all of the dining venues onboard.  By my count there were about 25 different places to grab a bite to eat throughout this ship, not including the Haven restaurant. Some complimentary, others were specialty. The Haven is the ship within a ship concept and Haven guests can dine in their own private restaurant.  I was not a Haven guest. I ate at a whole bunch of the dining venues available to me.  Looking at my pictures, I would guess that I had glazed pork chops that first evening.  I just remember how much I enjoyed the food.

Following dinner, since it was Halloween, Prima was celebrating with a costume dance party.  I got dressed as an elven hunter.  Too bad the authorities had to confiscate my weapons of choice including my bow and quiver of arrows and my knives and I could not bring them onto the ship.  Just kidding, I didn’t even attempt to bring toy, faux weapons aboard.  I know how touchy they can be about that thing.  The party was being held in the Prima Theater which acts like a multi-purpose room.  The seating can be pushed up to the back of the space leaving a whole wide area open, perfect for dancing.  We are now officially out in open waters.  You would think I would be getting sloshed.  For some reason, that wasn’t the case.  But I did enjoy myself out on the dance floor.  But because I didn’t have a lot to drink, I wasn’t out all that late.  I’m more of a lark, rather than a night owl.  Some have complained that Prima Theater was inadequate as a nightclub space.  I was perfectly fine with it.  I enjoyed myself.  The music was pumping.  What was there to complain about?

Claudine and me taking a break

Deb and I capturing a moment

I also got the chance earlier that evening to explore the Studio Lounge.  It is absolutely fantastic.  I met some really nice people in that space.  I usually popped in every day for my mostly sugar with espresso and a fair amount of snacks and filled up my insulated water bottle.

Amanda and I spreading the love on the dancefloor

Studio Lounge exploration

That is today’s recommendation.  Bring an insulated water bottle.  It keeps the cold drinks cold, and the hot drinks hot.  Mine is from Iron Flask. I absolutely love it.  Although, I didn’t go too big because my aim was to travel light.  I used a 24 oz. stainless steel insulated flask and loved it.

NEXT:  Exploring the ship on a sea day

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