Part II: 17 Ways for Better Cruise Photography

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3 January, 2022

This is the second of a two-part series. This post contains nine tips for better photography, not just for cruise ships, but for all types of travel. I must admit, some of these tips I co-opted from the Wandering Ambivert. For more clear and concise tips for photography follow their blog, Wandering Ambivert (

  • Shoot through something.  Adjust your aperature to a very low setting like f/3.5.  Shoot through leaves, through flowers, etc.
  • Don’t disregard bad weather.  Capture unique moments.  Clouds soften the light.  Cloudy days can make for great pictures.  Create interest by having a variety of lighting conditions, if possible.  Pick the time to shoot.  Best light is at either sunrise or sunset.  Don’t shoot into the sun.  Keep the sun at your back.  Always make note of your light source.
  • Prove you’re on cruise ship.  Shots of uniquely cruise ship events/things/places.  Shoot a row of lifeboats.  Shoot that life preserver.  Shoot the atrium stairwell.
  • You do need to account for movement of your camera.  Excessive movement will lead to blurry photos.  Without equipment, use your nose, nature’s tripod to steady your shot.  Lean against a railing or banister.  Use your arms close to your body.  Check out Gorillapod.
  • Make a plan.  What do you want to capture?  Smiling faces?  Ship architecture?  Cuisine/drinks?  The scenery/landscape? Culture/history?
  • Go closer.  Shots of architectural detail such as doors, carvings, etc. work well.  Colorful items in markets or close ups of food are excellent subjects.  But be careful – avoid zooming in too much.  This could lead to very pixilated shots.  Zoom in slightly.
  • Hold down the shutter a little longer will get a second photo which may be sharper than the original because you are more stable.
  • Don’t forget your travel mates.  You are trying to capture memories.  What would your memories be without these awesome subjects?  Don’t be shy about asking people to take your picture.  Look for someone who looks like they enjoy taking pictures.  This way you will avoid BIG errors being made.  Offer to do the same in exchange.
  • Always back up everything.  Either synching a phone, copying to an external drive or sending them up to a cloud could be your back up solution.  Using multiple memory cards is an option.

Most importantly have fun while capturing memories. Remember, like anything else, the more you do it, the better you will get.

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